The Day I met her…

First meetings with the soulmate have always been a matter of unpredictable experience for everyone, be it love at first sight or long distance relationship. Of course it should be. After all, it can be the only time when one comes to know if he is holding the right person’s hand or not. Lucky are the ones who are able to alter their first meeting into an everyday one but the luckiest are those who are miles apart and be patient for the right turn to arrive, for they dont want the enthusiasm of interviewing each other to fade away.

I remember it was an ordinary Saturday ( June 9, 2018 to be precise) when both of us were chatting on a SNS, making a Todo list for our first meeting. None of us knew when would it happen but confided in each other for it to take place for sure. Around 1 of noon it was, when she suddenly furnished me an opportunity to meet after half an hour. Although I replied to this in positive but somewhere I was numb as I had no plan. My soul wanted to pursue with the flow and so did I because denying your girl with lame excuses can seriously turn your relationship into trouble.

I prepared myself real quick. I reached the planned spot, thinking all my way of what height of her rage I am gonna encounter as I was already late. As expected, I could see a girl with all of her face wrapped up in a dupatta ( she loved building suspense) waiting for someone. I knew my guesses turn out terribly wrong and so I preferred making her a call. Soon I realized my dart hit the exact target. I approached her with a ‘good afternoon’ greeting which she discarded in the utmost pleasant manner. We continued on the same road to find some place where I could actually settle her vexation down and exchange some words of peace.

We finally arrived at a pizza station. She started uncovering her face in the parking. I tried catching her glimpse a number of times. Eventually it struck to me that I have to present my gentleman visage rather than acting like a starving wolf.

We entered the place. I ordered two pizzas for us. Ultimately we settled upon a table close to the exit ( none of us wanted to flee). She was in total panic. She didn’t want herself to be caught by some acquaintance eating pizza with a boy. Nothing wrong with me. I think pizza might be an antagonist for her family.

I tried to make an eye contact and kept looking at her until I came to know that a love triangle had already been established, for I was looking at her, she was looking at the door and the glass door reflecting light on me. Insane! A couple of minutes later we initiated some friendly conversations in the most formal manner. This time I was able to grasp her looks. I could see the stunning shimmer in her eyes which were as deep as oceans. And yes! How can I forget her turned up nose which was shining as if Sirius is fixed upon it. To me, she was the prettiest girl that day with beauty so angelic and astounding that even the moon would defy. She just left me wonderstruck. I could spend hours watching that alluring and exquisite beauty.

Soon our pizzas arrived. Albeit it wasn’t much time but her panic came to extreme by then. She supplicated me if she could leave at that very moment. I urged her to have the pizza. But pizza being the antagonist was ignored and none of my urge was accepted. I held the charge of both the pizzas ( to some this might appear the best fate).

I didn’t wanna let her go this early but the fright she was experiencing left me in no state to stop her. We then shaked hands in order to bid adieu. We came to the parking. She was preparing to leave when I came to know that neither she wanted to go but she had to. We went together to the square where our paths were supposed to divide.

She waved me a final bye and so did I. Somewhere inside I knew that bye was more of a cheerio because I didn’t want myself to indulge in the inadmissible regret of getting such a little time to meet her for the first time because I hoped that though this time things were not in our favor but someday we will walk across the street holding hands together.

Who knew a chilling summer day could become so blooming and gratifying. It was one of those perfect things happened to me till life. The day I met her blessed both of us with the sweet berry of our four year austerity. Yes! We were together since four years without seeing each other and this was something tragic as well as magical about us. And so the day I met her was remarkably divine.

To my “She” – React as soon as you see this miss. I am waiting.

Palash Shrivastava.


13 thoughts on “The Day I met her…

  1. reading this story was like a ride. when it started I was full of excitement, then experienced some fun moments but in the end suddenly everything was silent and memories occupied my mind

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  2. This writer deserves a hats off. It is just amazing if one has ever been in such a beautiful relationship full of patience with no wants but only hopes. But in case it is a fiction, the writer is blessed with the best imagination ever. Keep it up Mr. Palash.

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